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100% bio-degradable handle* bamboo toothbrush.
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Saving the planet, one brush at a time!

We've all heard that every plastic toothbrush that was ever used, still exists. That is because not only is it non-biodegradable, but it also cannot be re-used or recycled, accounting for a global waste issue. Now, making a sustainable change in one's lifestyle is no doubt tough. But it isn't entirely unimaginable. In fact, the ball lies in our court and all we need to do is take that first step- to REFUSE.

Bigbluemarble's Bamboo Toothbrush is a step forward towards being part of the solution- a solution where oral health and the health of our planet are given equal importance. We have designed and developed our natural bamboo toothbrush to be elegant, affordable and easy on the eyes, making both your toothbrush and our planet looking good!

Inspiring a sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle


is what it takes for each straw to disintegrate

Million Kg

The amount of plastic toothbrush waste generated by humanity every year

Million Tonnes

of plastic enters the oceans every year, and at a constantly increasing rate

Saving the planet comes in subscriptions!

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Been using the product for almost three months. Highly durable and great quality. So far happy with the product. Good job Bigbluemarble. Looking forward for more products.

Sai Madhav S

The product is really amazing. It's worth buying. It's a need of today and necessity of future. I'm using it on daily basus and recommend you to use as well. Product and quality are awesome and amazing. Just try once and you will love it.

Abhijit Kahane

I carry these amazing reusable metal straws everywhere. It's an easiest way to go zero waste while on the ho!

Namrata Patel


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