• The Uncountable Uses of Coconut

    From the smell of our hair after champi to the delicious curries grandma used to make coconuts are a  delightful part of everyone's life and its merits don’t end at just being a nostalgic memory. There are a lot of benefits of coconuts for us and the environment, so let’s have a look at the uncountable uses of coconut.

  • Plastic vs Bamboo: The Life of a Toothbrush

    Each one of us probably touches a toothbrush within the first few minutes of waking up, even though it is an integral part of our life. How much do we know about the life of our toothbrush? Let's take a look at the various stages of the life of a plastic toothbrush and a bamboo toothbrush.
  • The Science Behind Copper and Good Health

    Have you ever wondered why your grandparents insist on drinking water from a copper vessel or a copper glass? Does it even make a difference? Is it really any different from drinking water directly from the fridge or in that case directly from the tap? Let’s discuss!
  • The Best Documentaries on Saving Nature

    Want to learn more about climate change or our nature but reading blogs and research papers isn’t your thing? Here is a list of 5 documentaries that will inform you, while you sit comfortably on your couch and in a very entertaining manner.

    Let’s have a look!

  • Bamboo - The Miracle Wood

    What if you are told that there is a single possible solution to the world’s waste disposal problem and its energy crisis? And that it is the bamboo plant! Would’nt you be intrigued?

    Let’s have a look at how it is possible!

  • Coconut Scrubs vs Regular Dishwashing Scrubs

    A scrubber is one of the most used and an essential part of every kitchen. No kitchen is complete without a good scrubber. But is your scrubber the best option for you and the planet?

    Find out in this rap battle between a regular kitchen scrub and a coconut scrub.

  • Can one toothbrush save the world?

    Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash Is the earth flat? Can Superman exist in real life? Can Harry Potter bring his parents' back to life? The answ...
  • Benefits of Using a Toothbrush- as told by Po the Panda

    Imagine you waking up in the morning, sleepy-headed, a bit disoriented- you walk slowly towards your sink. You look for your toothbrush and see that you have two options, one is the ‘Ultimate Toothbrush of Sustainability’ and another is just the regular old plastic one. Easy choice, right?

    Let’s find out about the amazing benefits of bamboo toothbrushes!

  • The Heartbreaking Story of a Discarded Toothbrush

    The human invention which we all use first thing in the morning- toothbrush, only came into being around 500 years ago. It is thought that the Chinese made the very first ones in the late 1500s, using bone or bamboo for the handles and bristles from a boar’s back.
  • Recycling: A New Creative Outlook

    Today, the bulk of our household waste or garbage goes to garbage dumps or landfills which are large sites that are designed to isolate the garbage from the surrounding area. Each day, the landfills are covered with soil and compacted with big machines in order to keep garbage blowing around communities.
  • Saving the planet One Brush at a Time.

    Over the last five years, plastic has stirred up the environmental agenda—and for good reason. Here’s just one sobering statistic: 8 million tons of plastic waste enters the world’s oceans every year. To find answers that would otherwise be out of reach, we need to tackle big challenges as a whole and not just one part. From design to production and supply to recycling, we need to find comprehensive solutions that are sustainable for all.


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