7 Sustainability Influencers You Must Follow

7 Sustainability Influencers You Must Follow

Preparing breakfast, making that last-minute change in the presentation, choosing the right dress,  and catching up with an old friend on a typical weekday we are caught between many things to take some time to learn about the things that we really want to (Don’t worry you are not alone).


Learning how to write better, make a delicious brownie, or adopt a sustainable lifestyle becomes extremely difficult if there is no guidance. In such times there is no one better than our fellow human beings to guide us and motivate us towards our goals. And the best part is that all of this happens while you are leisurely scrolling through your social media. 


So here is a list of 7 sustainability influencers you should follow :


Aja Barber 

Aja Barber is a writer, fashion consultant, and ethical and sustainable lifestyle influencer. Her feed is a mix of the most recent news, facts, and opinions on organic fashion as well as the broken fast fashion system. Aja makes sure she gives her followers the information they need with each post. Follow her to  know about how to be fashionable without hurting the planet



Saif aka thesustainiblityguy

The name says it all, he is ‘the’ guy if you want to know about sustainability. With a varied range of topics and extremely entertaining reels, Saif makes sure that learning about sustainability is extremely engaging If you would like to know more about ‘identification codes on plastic items’, check out careers in sustainability, or find out about how you can cut down your food wastage, his reels are the answer.



Vani Murthy aka wormrani

What can you do with the scraps from your kitchen? Use it to nourish the soil and grow your own healthy vegetables, says Vani Murthy. Calling herself an ‘urban farmer’ and a ‘composting enthusiast’, Vani is encouraging viewers to minimize their negative impact on the planet.



Kate aka Ethicallykate

Fun, fabulous, and all-around one of the best eco-conscious influencers around. If you don't follow Kate, you should. She is like a light at the end of a dark climate tunnel, she has a real knack for taking heavier subject matter and making it fun whilst helping her viewers to feel empowered.

She covers everything from slow fashion to composting to plastic-free living.



Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton aka storiesbehindthings

Founded by best friends Jemma Finch and Ella Grace Denton, Stories Behind Things' mission is to encourage and empower the younger generations to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. With the idea of consuming consciously and celebrating the stories behind the things we have in our lives, they host events such as clothes swaps and arts and crafts workshops to spark creativity within their followers.



Venetia Falconer

Presenter, producer, podcaster, influencer… Tell us something she has not done! In her 5-star rated podcast ‘Talking Tastebuds’, she conducts interviews with a lot of interesting people, such as Livia Firth, Lucy Siegle, and Chris Smalling. Not to mention all her other social media channels where she posts about her vegan lifestyle crossing on topics such as sustainable fashion and mental health.


Greta Thunberg

A list of sustainability influencers would not have been complete without mentioning Greta Thunberg. Time’s person of the year 2019 and an internationally renowned activist, she has created ripples in the world with her persistent activism and piercing speeches. Her call for immediate action got everyone’s attention to the important topic of climate change.

Her Instagram feed is full of calls to join protests and visual factoids regarding climate change.

If you are done following everyone on the list and want to try your hand at sustainability, check out BIGBLUEMARBLE and their wide variety of eco-friendly sustainable products. Who knows? Maybe you are the next big sustainability influencer.


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