A look at Sustainability through Meme Culture

A look at Sustainability through Meme Culture

It is a Thursday afternoon and you are sitting in your office dragging yourself through a meeting that could have been an email. The boredom takes over and you start scrolling through some memes to distract yourself and surprise! Surprise! You get to know(through a meme)  that there is a full-blown war going on somewhere in the world.

We have all been guilty of this, learning about important news and events through memes. They have become an indispensable part of our lives, bringing us joy in even the direst of situations. They just are the most preferred way of consuming information, so why not take a look at sustainability through memes? After all, not every discussion about Sustainability should feel like a lecture.

Here are a few hilarious ones to crack you up :

  1. Conscious grocery shopping- you know the feeling!

We all know the feeling we get when we make the right choices, a warm giddy ( I am higher than thou, peasant) emotion floods us. Taking the right baby steps to save our planet can never go wrong and this is exactly what Twitter user kbonds420 has managed to portray here. And yes you do look as fabulous as Arnold when you do that.

  1. Doggo doing his part!

What can go wrong when such a cute companion is with us, and that too with a great fashion sense. This cute little pooch posted by Thezenpig is ready to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, are you?

  1. The truth speaks for itself.

We all remember the notorious slide in our neighborhood playground which used to be really hot during the summers, even touch was enough to give you burns. With the recent heat waves and rising temperature, the climate everywhere has started feeling the same and organicallyspicedmemes knows it.

  1. Where there is a will there is a way.

There has been a growing among people that humanity is doomed due to climate change and there is nothing we can do about it. A recent video by the youtube channel Kurzsegast takes a deeper look at the problem and explains why there is still a lot we can do. In their words "It's dire, but not hopeless". The video also wonderfully explains why being hopeless only worsens the situation.

  1. A little bit of confusion

Every year about 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the oceans eventually making its way to the fishes. Traces of microplastic have now been found even in human blood and the matter of plastic pollution in oceans is a really concerning one. It’s time we start working on it.

  1. We all are doing our part

Another entry by organicallyspicedmemes in this list, this time talking about how we all contribute to the cause in our own ways. May it be something as big as hosting a nationwide awareness drive or just using a sustainable piece of clothing sustainability is what you can practice. And we are proud of you for taking action!

  1. Right and relatable

This one isn’t technically a meme but instead, a scene from The Devil Wears Prada.

We all love and admire a confident and unapologetic Andrea who repeats her outfits without any shame ( and everyone should, it saves money and the world).

  1. Mr.Cat really cares about you

No list of memes can be complete without having a cat in it, so here is our token cat meme to end the list. Care for the environment just like Mr. Cat does.

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