Bamboo - The Miracle Wood

Bamboo - The Miracle Wood


Just think about this, one day you decide that you want to make the world a better place. Live a more sustainable life, solve the world’s waste disposal problem and find a solution to its power crisis. You embark on your journey, travel miles, face all the perils like a badass, and then when you reach the end, you receive your final prize. As an answer to all the problems, you receive a bamboo plant.

Wouldn't you be shocked but also pleasantly surprised? Shocked that it is just bamboo but happy that the answer was with us all along. And for the part of you that feels sad that the solution isn’t something super-futuristic like nano-tech or mystical like a magic potion, I assure you bamboo is just as cool or maybe even cooler ( because the fluffy pandas love it ).

So here are a few reasons why bamboo really is the miracle wood

It can help solve the waste disposal problems of the world

The waste disposal crisis is a really big problem known to almost everyone in the present time. Every year a lot of waste generated ends up in landfills or being burned because it is not recyclable or bio-degradable. This has a very big impact on the environment and the ecological balance.

A lot of the waste generated comes from household items like toothbrushes, scrubs, plastic cups, etc, and the packaging they come in. The use of bamboo in its various forms offers a solution that is both viable and sustainable in the long run. Bamboo can be used to make eco-friendly alternatives to paper cups, food packaging, and gift packaging to list a few. Apart from being biodegradable, using bamboo is also a sustainable option because bamboo grows at a very fast pace, and using it doesn’t hinder the ecological balance. A complete win-win solution.

It can be your gateway to a more sustainable lifestyle

In the wake of today’s needs, we want to lead a life that is not only beneficial to us but also to our environment. May it be a ) waste lifestyle or going vegan we want to do our part in saving the planet, but sometimes a complete overhaul of our lifestyle can be difficult. So we need to take small steps towards our goal, using bamboo products is definitely one such step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

From toothbrushes to eco-friendly utensils, there are a lot of eco-friendly products that you can opt for. You can make place for products made out of bamboo in almost every daily activity you take part in. From eating your breakfast eco-friendly utensils and drinking water from a bamboo bottle to laying down on a bamboo mattress as you end your day with some relaxing yoga. So get on with that sustainable lifestyle and bring some bamboo products home.


It can be the answer to the energy crisis

Our country has been a subject of at least 5 energy crises in the past 2 decades, the most recent one being in Oct 21. Increasing demand coupled with depleting natural resources creates a bottleneck in the energy supply. This tends to disrupt the flow of life causing problems like inflated prices for fuel and blackouts. The majority of our countries electricity is derived from coal and since its reserves are limited, problems occur when the distribution is hindered. The use of coal also releases many harmful toxins into the air. A much more eco-friendly and sustainable option to this can be using bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal comes from bamboo plants that are burned in ovens at temperatures ranging from 800 degrees Celsius to 1200 degrees Celsius. Used as a fuel bamboo charcoal leaves lesser pollutant residue and causes less air pollution and since it grows quickly the supply chain is not prone to disruptions.



If all of this has convinced you that bamboo indeed is the miracle wood and you want to try using it for yourself. Visit BIGBLUEMARBLE. They have a collection of bamboo toothbrushes and other eco-friendly products to choose from. So make a choice and get a taste of the miracle wood.



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