Benefits of Using a Toothbrush- as told by Po the Panda

Benefits of Using a Toothbrush- as told by Po the Panda

Imagine you waking up in the morning, sleepy-headed, a bit disoriented- you walk slowly towards your sink. You look for your toothbrush and see that you have two options, one is the ‘Ultimate Toothbrush of Sustainability’ and another is just the regular old plastic one. Easy choice, right?

I am Po, Dragon Warrior, Kung Fu Master, Protector of the Valley of Peace, and I am going to tell you about something really awesome- Bamboo Toothbrushes; as awesome as a high jump-double flip-side split kick on your enemy’s face or a big, delicious serving of your favourite food. Also, it’s bamboo, I mean bamboo is always a win, it’s tasty, it’s strong and now you have toothbrushes made out of it. Add one more thing to the list of things on why bamboo is great. 

Let me list down a few more reasons to convince you. Here are the benefits of using a bamboo toothbrush:

They are eco-friendly: Every year people around the world throw away 63 million Kgs of plastic toothbrushes, that is like 52500 Po’s sitting on top of each other, just imagine how huge the pile would be. A pile that will take around 500 years to decompose and keeps growing every year. Luckily, we can begin to solve this problem by switching to bamboo toothbrushes as it is biodegradable and decomposes in 5-6 months if the conditions are right. 


Credit: John Cameron

They are sustainable: As a panda who likes to eat and likes to eat a lot, I can tell you that bamboo grows very fast, so fast that it never seems to get over. That is also a reason why making toothbrushes out of it is such a brilliant idea. Since bamboo grows so fast, making toothbrushes out of it doesn’t alter the ecological balance. Couple it with the fact that it is biodegradable, and you have something that is viable for the long run.

 It is antimicrobial: Turns out bamboo knows some Kung fu of its own, it has some anti-microbial properties that protect it when it grows and therefore it grows without the need of any insecticides or toxins. So, you can rest assured that your toothbrush is free of them.

 Safer for aquatic life: Master Oogway once told me about the time he went swimming in the south China sea. He said that he was having the time of his life, gliding against the gentle currents, below the dancing sunlight until a plastic bag suddenly appeared out of nowhere covering his face, completely ruining the moment.

A lot of the plastic we throw ends up in the oceans and can be dangerous to aquatic life. Using a biodegradable toothbrush can help reduce the amount of plastic reaching the ocean and less trouble for master Oogway’s friends. Now, who wouldn’t want that? 


Credit: Naja Berlot Jenson


You feel awesome: You help reduce the plastic, maintain the ecological balance, save master Oogway’s friends and your breath smells great. Apart from that, the first thing you touch every morning is a beautiful-looking toothbrush. You literally hold a piece of history in your hands because the first toothbrushes with bristles were in fact bamboo toothbrushes.

All of this is pretty hardcore in my opinion.

That concludes my list of bamboo toothbrush benefits. If you are convinced enough to buy the ‘Ultimate Toothbrush of Sustainability’ I know just the place for you. My friends at Bigbluemarble have the perfect toothbrush for you that is biodegradable, sustainable, and lasts as long as your normal toothbrush. So Skadoosh the plastic out of your life and become more awesome.


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Totally agree with you. We have to stop using plastic and littering garbage as they not only choke up the drains but also enter releases into the oceans. Say no to single-use plastic e.g. plastic straws, brushes and bags and start using reusable stuff.

Zeeshan Shaiq

Single-use plastics are a huge culprit, used once before tossed into the trash or directly into the ocean. These single-use items are accidentally consumed by many marine mammals killing them and destroying their natural habitats.

Varsha G

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