Coconut Scrubs vs Regular Dishwashing Scrubs

Coconut Scrubs vs Regular Dishwashing Scrubs



Welcome to the Ultimate Battle of the Scrub-rap Championship.

Today we decide on which is the best scrub for dishwashing, so let’s see which scrub cleans them all and which one takes the fall.

On one side is the reigning champion, the most popular of them all, the dirty, the synthetic, the non-biodegradable alpha of all dishwashing scrubs - The Regular Dishwashing Scrub.

On the other side is the heavyweight challenger with the potential to dethrone. With the power of sustainability under its belt and an all-natural body, the unstoppable Coconut Scrub.

This battle is an interesting one. Let’s start and let the verses tell us which is the best dishwashing scrubber!

First up - Regular Dishwashing Scrub!

“So first let me remind you
What he just said,
Almost everyone knows me and thinks 
I am the best
I am popular and I love it,
Just enjoy me now take a seat,
I clean it all from pans to pots
I clean it all I leave no spots.
I might scratch a few things
But that’s part of the game
There ain’t no scrub like me 
Just check the name”

Woah! That was a good start. Now up - Coconut Scrub!

“There ain’t no scrub like you,
And that is true
But in what regard 
Are you saying that
For all, I know you are toxic,
Non-biodegradable, unsustainable, very unfit,
For the planet and people who use you,
I am damn sure they need something new.
You clog up the oceans and fill the landfills
You hurt the planet before it heals,
What keeps you together is a toxic glue,
I wonder if people wanna still use you.”

Oh! That was a real good one. 
Now for the reply, Regular Dishwashing Scrubs.

“All you did was say I am bad
But how are you better?
Tell us something about yourself,
Prove you are real or just a hater.”
“You want to know my story? I shall tell you.
I come from mother nature and I stay true,
All-natural, no toxins present in me,
I keep the dishes clean and also scratch-free.
I am safe for the hands that use me
I stay fresh as you see,
Odorless, I stay free from the smells
Cause I got that anti-microbial black belt
All that and environment friendly,
That basically is my entire personality,
And I think my time has come, 
So pack your bags and go home
Make way for things that are better 
And accept I am the best dishwashing scrubber.”


And I feel that is it. We have our champion. Sustainable, biodegradable, surface friendly, and anti-microbial, our champion has all the qualities to truly make it the best scrubber for dishwashing.

Check out Coconut Scrubs from Bigbluemarble if you want to try the winner for yourself and help keep the planet clean while you clean your dishes.

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