The Best Documentaries on Saving Nature

The Best Documentaries on Saving Nature


It’s a cold Tuesday night and you have just sat down after having your dinner, as you scroll through your Instagram feed you come across a post stating how the chicken you just ate for dinner is the reason for rising global temperatures and asks you to turn vegan. After being mildly offended and slightly intrigued you decide to learn more about the subject.

However, a few minutes into web surfing you realize that knowing more means a lot of reading and patience. You think to yourself that definitely there must be a better way to learn about how to save nature. And you think right! the better way is to watch documentaries about saving nature.

With well-crafted narratives, amazing sound design, and engrossing visuals documentaries are surely are something that will keep you entertained while giving you the necessary information. What can be a better way to get informed than watching a story unfold as you relax on your couch with popcorn in your hands? 

So here is the list of some best documentaries on saving nature

  1. Before The Flood

If you could, would you really want to know about the threats of climate change? In Before the Flood, actor Leonardo DiCaprio really shows his dedication for the cause, traveling the world as a United Nations Messenger of Peace and witnessing the effects of climate change first-hand. Traveling 5 continents and the Arctic he meets up with people fighting climate change and tries to find hope for the future of our planet. Filled with interesting information and with some really good interviews it makes for a great start to the list of documentaries on nature.

Available on Amazon Prime

  1. Our planet

 If there were to be a documentary classified as a ‘gamechanger’ this would be it. Not even for a second does this documentary diverge from the feeling of being a big-budget Hollywood movie with the Nature being its main protagonist. With spellbinding visuals, a great score, extremely entertaining storytelling, and narration by none other than Sir David Attenborough this is something that you definitely cannot miss. Divided into episodes focusing on different aspects of our planet, it is a complete package that never fails to amaze while also being informative.

Available on Netflix and YouTube

  1. Seaspiracy

The filmmakers who inspired a wave of people to explore or convert to veganism and vegetarianism with Cowspiracy (2014) have turned their unerring focus to the ocean with this new feature-length documentary. You  can expect to be faced with some eye-watering facts and statistics surrounding our mistreatment of the world’s oceans. From unsustainable fishing and the dumping of plastics to despicable modern slavery used to provide cheap seafood year-round, this is an unflinching indictment of current practices.

Available on Netflix

  1. I Am Greta

The documentary follows the life of internationally acclaimed climate activist Greta Thunberg, showing behind the scenes of her life as an dedicated activist and campaigner and explores how she became the voice of her generation. Tracing her journey from protesting outside the Swedish Parliament to giving her groundbreaking speech at the United Nations in 2019, following her transatlantic carbon-neutral boat crossing from Europe, it’s a timely reminder of her contributions to the climate change movement.

Available on Hulu

  1. A Plastic Ocean

This documentary started off as a mission to film the blue whale, the largest creature on the planet but soon turned into an investigation into plastic pollution after journalist Craig Leeson discovered a thick layer of plastic debris floating in the Indian Ocean. Alongside world record-breaking free driver Tanya Streeter, he travels the globe to report on the havoc caused by humans' mass-producing plastic since the 1950s. There’s now an estimated 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans – but this documentary offers important solutions to help change that. Discussing one of the most disturbing and controllable aspects of climate change the documentary dives into unfamiliar territories with relative ease.

Available on

That concludes our list of the best environmental documentaries. There are many great pieces of filmmaking that aren’t mentioned here but still are masterpieces in their own right. The ones mentioned here were chosen to provide you with information on a diverse range of topics.

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