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Pan Scrubbing Brush

Pan Scrubbing Brush

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The Breakdown: 
  • Make scrubbing beautiful with our Kitchen Cleaning Kit.
  • Did you know most brushes, even ones labelled "eco", use either plastic bristles or animal hair bristles? No thank you!
  • We want it all natural and with no animal byproducts please. So we made our handles out of bamboo with plant fibre for the bristles.
  • Who knew scrubbers could look this classy?!
  • Our brushes only harm dirt, not the planet. They are made from plant-fibre with non-plastic bristles & wooden handles. No animal byproducts & are fully vegan. Suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
What You Get: 
A Pan Scrubbing Brush
Use & Care: 
After use, allow the brushes to dry by either hanging up or standing on the bristles, allowing the water to flow away from moisture-sensitive areas
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