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Reusable Metal Straw Kit

Reusable Metal Straw Kit

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The Bigbluemarble stainless steel reusable metal straw kit is a smart alternative to hazardous plastic straws that pose a threat to planet Earth. The reusable, steel straws make liquid consumption easy, safe and stylish. The kit contains 2 straight straws, 2 bent straws and a straw cleaner.
  • Made from food-grade stainless steel 
  • BPA-free metal straws that are 100% safe to use in the current day scenario 
  • Sterilized and UV-cleansed to ensure high safety
  • Easy to carry, light-weight and travel friendly reusable straws that fit in your bag and pocket 
  • Sturdy, strong and durable build
  • Reusable and recyclable, making them the perfect buy to enjoy your drinks while saving the planet
  • Comes with a cleaning brush to keep your straws squeaky clean

Why Buy Our Reusable Straws?
Every year, millions of single use plastic straws are discarded into the ecosystem posing a threat to all life forms. These straws take years to degrade, leaving behind nasty plastic residue on the face of the earth. Buy our Metal straws online because they are a quick and smart alternative to plastic straws. They are reusable, recyclable and do not leave behind an ugly footprint.

One stainless steel straw replaces over 600 plastic straws. You do the math. 
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